ABSL3 and Gnotobiotic Animal Laboratory Technician

Penn State University

University Park Campus
Campus City:
University Park, PA
Date Announced:
Date Closing:
open until filled
Job Number:
Work Unit:
Office of the Vice President for Research
Full/Part Time:


Follow research protocols in the performance of weaning, ear tagging, blood and tissue sample collection, injections, and other treatments in the ABSL-3 and Gnotobiotic facilities. Complete surgical preparation, pre-, peri-, and post-operative observations and assist with research procedures as directed. Perform animal handling and restraint as required. Ensure proper breeding procedures are followed and appropriate colony levels are maintained. Follow weaning procedures as required. Prepare and provide standard diets, special diets, standard water, or special water requirements as it relates to the research protocol. Communicate changes to the principle investigator and/or supervisor. Complete daily clinical observations and health examinations of sick animals in the ABSL-3 and Gnotobiotic facilities; report findings to veterinary staff. Provide animal treatments as instructed by the veterinary staff. Maintain research animal census for all assigned areas. Compile and maintain complete and accurate records, including, but not limited to, animal breeding, health, housing and isolators. Prepare and submit reports, charts, logs, and inventories as requested by management. Interact with customers as required to resolve customer requests, inquiries, and complaints. Receive animal deliveries; check received animals against order regarding sex, weight, general health, and animal identification. Receive, inspect and put away incoming animals; provide for sentinel animals in each rodent housing area as per containment and/or isolator procedures. Provide feed and water for all research animals. Assess health status of research animals on a daily basis in accordance regulations and policies. Report abnormal observations to veterinary staff. Perform quarantine and immune-compromised procedures. Euthanize research animals as required, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Panel of Euthanasia Guidelines. Maintain euthanasia equipment. Perform carcass pick-up and delivery to incinerator. Follow all procedures necessary to maintain containment animal housing and/or isolator environments, including room or facility personnel entry pertaining to ABSL3/Gnotobiotic facilities. Monitor and report critical facility environmental data such as temperature and humidity affecting the well-being of the research animals. Monitor, prepare, and supply sterilized equipment needed for isolator maintenance and/or decontaminate all equipment produced. Clean, change, and sanitize all research animals’ housing and associated equipment in accordance with regulations and policies. Receive and store incoming feed and supplies from the vendor. Maintain inventory records of food and bedding materials. Rotate stock and ensure sufficient supplies. Deliver supplies to the various buildings across campus being careful not to contaminate equipment. Place orders of food, bedding materials, and equipment. Operate, maintain and, troubleshoot equipment including, but not limited to, micro- isolator cages, ventilated cage rack systems, flexible film isolators, animal transfer stations, biosafety cabinets, standard wash room equipment, decontamination chamber, autoclaves, vaporized hydrogen peroxide machine, clothes washer and dryer, and light timers. Provide instruction and training to new employees in animal care, animal handling and campus cage wash operations. Assist research technicians and students in handling the animals and using equipment properly. Operate motor vehicles for the pickup and delivery of cages, racks, bedding, feed, and other miscellaneous items. Job Requirements: Requires the use of shop mathematics together with the use of complicated drawings, specifications, charts, tables, various types of adjustable measuring instruments and the training generally applicable in a particular or specialized occupation. Equivalent to 1 to 3 years applied training. American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (LAT) certification required. Over 1 year up to and including 3 years of effective experience. Shift: 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Days Off: Saturday, Sunday NOTE: THIS POSITION REQUIRES THAT YOU OPERATE A MOTOR VEHICLE AS A PART OF YOUR JOB DUTIES. A VALID DRIVER`S LICENSE AND SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE RECORDS CHECK WILL BE REQUIRED IN ADDITION TO STANDARD BACKGROUND CHECKS.

These salary bands have been established to provide salary guidelines for staff positions.

Salary Band Minimum Midpoint Maximum
A $16,584 $24,456 $32,328
B $18,240 $26,904 $35,556
C $19,728 $29,592 $39,456
D $21,708 $32,568 $43,416
E $24,312 $36,468 $48,612
F $27,228 $40,848 $54,456
G $30,012 $45,744 $61,500
H $34,188 $52,140 $70,080
I $38,988 $59,424 $79,908
J $43,716 $67,740 $91,812
K $50,712 $78,600 $106,488
L $58,836 $91,176 $123,528
M $68,232 $105,756 $143,292
N $80,508 $124,788 $169,068
O $93,492 $147,252 $201,024
P $110,340 $173,760 $237,192
Q $126,396 $199,056 $271,728
R $151,668 $238,872 $326,088