Athletic Equipment and Facilities Worker

Penn State University

Penn State Abington
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open until filled
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Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses - Penn State Abington
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Prepare for campus activities in the gym by setting up bleachers, tables, platforms, furniture and chairs, hanging baskets and placing mats. Dust, mop and or damp mop floors. Clean lockers and other areas and remove materials and equipment to proper storage areas. Inspect, clean and make minor repairs to equipment such as showers and soap systems, tape recorders and P.A. systems. Report all other than routine repairs to the supervisor. Perform routine pool maintenance to include treatment and testing of water, filter backwashing and vacuuming. Maintain the necessary records required by the University and other agencies. Replace light bulbs; set clocks and repair lockers by replacing broken hinges, hasps and other similar items. Dispense towels, athletic clothing and playing equipment from the stockroom. Receive and safeguard identification cards of those checking out playing equipment. Explain policies and rules regarding the use of the building to those utilizing the facilities. Ensure that equipment is available at specific times as required. Check equipment in and out. Condition and make minor repairs to athletic equipment as required. Report major repairs to the supervisor. Direct the work of student workers. Pack equipment for athletic teams when they are traveling. Ensure that the equipment is in the bus or traveling vehicle. Unload equipment off vehicles and unpack, sort and check equipment upon return to campus. Wash and/or dry clean equipment. Report damages or shortages to the supervisor. Maintain tennis courts and athletic fields by setting up nets, sweeping courts, placing wind breakers, lining athletic field, etc. Launder and dry towels and game uniforms for intercollegiate teams. Operate University vehicles to transport materials and equipment. Assist with loading and unloading trucks and with making miscellaneous deliveries. Check and refill soap dispensers, toilet paper, paper towel dispensers, etc. Lock and unlock buildings and doors; secure panic hardware on doors; turn on lights and secure buildings. Shovel and remove snow; chop ice, spread cinders, sand or other anti-skid materials on walks, steps, ramps and entrance platforms Remove minor stoppages in drains of basins, toilets, floor drains, and drinking fountains and soap dispensers. Paint equipment, fences, benches, guard rails, posts and refuse containers. Maintain and store uniforms and supplies. Keep appropriate records. Assign baskets and locks to students in required educational classes and other undergraduate students who request a basket, lock and towel. Know class schedules, team practice times and special events. Secure equipment storage area and varsity sports area during working hours. Maintain an inventory of cleaning solutions. Ensure that the proper cleaning agents are used on specific items. Receive and check new equipment against equipment orders, notify supervisor of receipt of equipment. Maintain inventory. Job Requirements: Requires the use of commercial English, grammar and arithmetic such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, including decimals and fractions; simple use of formulas, charts, tables, drawings, specifications, schedules, wiring diagrams, together with the use of adjustable measuring instruments, graduates and the like requiring interpretation in their various applications; or the posting, preparation, interpretation, use and checking of reports, forms, records and comparable data. Over 6 months up to and including 9 months of effective experience. Shift: Tuesday-Friday, 12:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Saturday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Days Off: Sunday, Monday

These salary bands have been established to provide salary guidelines for staff positions.

Salary Band Minimum Midpoint Maximum
A $16,584 $24,456 $32,328
B $18,240 $26,904 $35,556
C $19,728 $29,592 $39,456
D $21,708 $32,568 $43,416
E $24,312 $36,468 $48,612
F $27,228 $40,848 $54,456
G $30,012 $45,744 $61,500
H $34,188 $52,140 $70,080
I $38,988 $59,424 $79,908
J $43,716 $67,740 $91,812
K $50,712 $78,600 $106,488
L $58,836 $91,176 $123,528
M $68,232 $105,756 $143,292
N $80,508 $124,788 $169,068
O $93,492 $147,252 $201,024
P $110,340 $173,760 $237,192
Q $126,396 $199,056 $271,728
R $151,668 $238,872 $326,088