Field Interview Supervisor

Southeastern Part of Pennsylvania
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Date Closing:
open until filled
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Vice President for Research
SSRI/Survey Research Center
Full/Part Time:


The Penn State Survey Research Center is working with Bartram’s Garden to hire a Southwest Philadelphia resident to supervise interviewers conducting door-to-door surveys this fall. The surveys will give Southwest residents a chance to share their experiences and priorities with Bartram’s Garden facilities, programs, and civic engagement. Candidates must be at least 18 years old, and be available to attend mandatory in-person training on October 6th at Bartram’s Garden. Minimum requirements for the position are: live near the Bartram’s Garden area; be available to work for the entire period of October 6, through November 30, 2017; be available to work a minimum of 20 hours per week, with mostly afternoon, evening, and weekend hours, when work is available; be able to organize and supervise field interviewers to collect data door to door, and be available to answer questions from field interviewers and address issues as they arise; be able to keep detailed records of all work activities and ability to complete administrative tasks on time and accurately to be submitted to the project manager; be able to work independently; have strong reading and verbal skills; have regular and reliable access to cellular phone service; be able to communicate with people from all walks of life and socio-economic groups; have excellent computer skills (be able to access and browse the Internet, use the keyboard, send/receive email) and assist Field Interviewers with technology issues; be capable of establishing and maintaining a good rapport with interviewers, resident survey participants and research team; be available to fill in for interviewers if necessary; and be able to meet the physical requirements of the position with reasonable accommodation. This includes the ability to lift and carry 10 - 15 pounds of equipment and materials, walk two blocks at a time, and climb a flight of stairs while carrying equipment with or without accommodation.

These salary bands have been established to provide salary guidelines for staff positions.

Salary Band Minimum Midpoint Maximum
A $16,104 $23,748 $31,392
B $17,712 $26,124 $34,524
C $19,152 $28,728 $38,304
D $21,072 $31,620 $42,156
E $23,604 $35,400 $47,196
F $26,436 $39,660 $52,872
G $29,136 $44,412 $59,712
H $33,192 $50,616 $68,040
I $37,848 $57,696 $77,580
J $42,444 $65,772 $89,136
K $49,236 $76,308 $103,392
L $57,120 $88,524 $119,928
M $66,240 $102,672 $139,116
N $78,168 $121,152 $164,148
O $90,768 $142,968 $195,168
P $107,124 $168,696 $230,280
Q $126,396 $199,056 $271,728
R $151,668 $238,872 $326,088