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University Park Campus
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College of Engineering
Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering


Postdoctoral position available for highly motivated candidates with a background in computational materials science with a focus at the mesoscale. Projects will involve the development and application of phase field models to predict the impact of stress and surface effects on grain growth in various applications and will involve collaboration with Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque. The projects will also have the potential for onsite work at Sandia National Laboratory. Applicants should hold a PhD degree in material science and engineering, mechanical engineering, or closely related field, and have experience with the phase field method and computational tool development. Significant experience in one or more of the following techniques is required: the phase field method; mesoscale mechanics; finite element method; MOOSE framework. Candidate will also be expected to publish significant results in peer-reviewed journals, present work at professional conferences, and to work in a team environment with graduate students. Full applications including curriculum vitae, a brief summary of past, current and future research interests and accomplishments, selected reprints of publications, two to three names of references and expected availability date should be submitted electronically.

These salary bands have been established to provide salary guidelines for staff positions.

Salary Band Minimum Midpoint Maximum
A $16,104 $23,748 $31,392
B $17,712 $26,124 $34,524
C $19,152 $28,728 $38,304
D $21,072 $31,620 $42,156
E $23,604 $35,400 $47,196
F $26,436 $39,660 $52,872
G $29,136 $44,412 $59,712
H $33,192 $50,616 $68,040
I $37,848 $57,696 $77,580
J $42,444 $65,772 $89,136
K $49,236 $76,308 $103,392
L $57,120 $88,524 $119,928
M $66,240 $102,672 $139,116
N $78,168 $121,152 $164,148
O $90,768 $142,968 $195,168
P $107,124 $168,696 $230,280
Q $126,396 $199,056 $271,728
R $151,668 $238,872 $326,088